Baby Heart Fetal Doppler Monitor

Baby Heart Fetal Doppler Monitor

Baby Heart Fetal Doppler Monitor

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✔ Hospital Grade

✔ Listen To Your Baby - Hear your baby's heartbeat before it's even born!

✔ Display Heartbeat Rate - Easy to read 1.8 inch LCD screen. Measuring range 50-230BPM.

✔ Perfect Baby Shower Gift - Your friends and family will get to meet the little one before he or she is born.

✔ Comforting & Non-Invasive - Get reassurance your baby is happy and healthy...

✔ 100% Safe - Made with non-toxic materials to keep you and your baby safe

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the fetal heartbeat monitor safe to use at home?

Yes- Our monitor has been tested by thousands of soon-to-be moms who have given it their parental stamp of approval. It's 100% safe to use and made of high-quality non toxic materials so you can listen to your little ones heartbeat without a worry.

When is fetal heartbeat monitor best to use?

12 Weeks - 40 weeks. Anytime prior to 12 weeks it is very difficult to locate the heartbeat.  The closer to 16 weeks as the heartbeat gets stronger, the ability to locate the heartbeat becomes easier.

I cannot locate a heartbeat, is something wrong?

Depending on the position of your baby, and the age, a heartbeat cannot always be found, or can take more time to locate as the baby moves and rotates.  If you have any concern, contact your OB/OBGYN immediately.

Can product be re-used?

Yes- Product can be used over and over again by multiple soon-to-be-moms, however, it is highly encouraged to sterilize the scope between uses and before allowing others to use your doppler monitor.

Does this product come with the gel?

No- We are not able to provide.  The gel needed for better sound quality is referred to as conductive gel and can be purchased at any local grocery/general store.


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